Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sægreifinn/ The Seabaron


If you like fish and seafood and you like to try new things.
Then yes this is the right place for you.
In an old fishers-house on the harbour you will find Sægreifinn.

Sægreifinn may not be a "Fine dining" restaurant, but it is truly a must to check it out since
you´re already here in Iceland. You will find the word "Special" in your mind when you enter this restaurant. You cannot imagine how the interrior is inside the house.
I believe Sægreifinn is a famlily restaurant.
There are many strange and good things for young eyes to see.

What attracts people to Sægreifinn?

Probably the Lobster soup.
"Worlds greatest lobster soup" as it says in the New York times
But there are many other great dishes on the menu.
Have you ever imagined what it´s like to eat a whale, well this is the right place for that.
"Moby dick on a stick"And ofcourse many other fresh ingrediences from the sea and the nature.

The Chef Kjartan is an old sea-cook that will never retire, after many years of cooking on the sea,
Kjartan is now cooking on land. Kjartan is truly the Seabaron.

Located at:

Verbúð 8 v Geirsgötu 101 Reykjavík

Phone: +354-553-1500 - Gsm: 354-867-3660 -


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