Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is tipping rude in Iceland?

is Tipping rude in Iceland?

Tipping is a big arguement in Icelandic restaurants and i believe it is in most restaurants in the world.
Just so we get this completely overboard tipping in Iceland is nothing else then tipping in Egypt, Taiwan or America.

Let me point it to you in different way, maybe so different that you never even thougt about it this way before. A good man name Mr. Jim Rohn said:

Close your eyes and imagine you where on a market. You are wearing a pair of some very nice shoes that needed to be polished. A litle boy is polishing shoes on the street you are walking, and you deside to let him polish your shoes.

When he is finished. You look at your shoes and you think by yourself
“wow they look as good as new”

You reach for your pocket to find money to pay the litle boy and the money you have in your pocket is 2 coins only.

Here is the question. Do you give him just one of them? Or do you give him both of the coins?

Correct answer i belive is: Ofcourse you´ll be happy to give him both of the coins.


Lets say you only give him one of the coins. It will always be a second where you look down on your shoes and see how shiny and beautiful they are. How much work the litle boy did just to make your shoes look great.

As you realise how shiny your shoes are, the other coin in your pocket will start bothering you. You start to think negative thoughts about youtself.

“Why didnt i just give the little boy both of my coins”?
The minute you ask your self this question, the second coin you still have in your pocket loses all it's value to you.

And what do i mean by this short story by Jim Rohn?

If you think you are beeing treated better then you have before at a restaurant.
If you see that the waiter who is serving you is really pushing him self hard to give his best possible service to make you happy.
I belive you should definatly give him some extra credit for that.

The best thing is. If you really appriciate the service and decide to tip the waiter. The amount does not matter that much actually.
The only thing that matters is that you leave something behind when you exit the restaurant.

Just so the waiter knows that he is doing the right thing. And he will remember your face when you decide to visit the place again.

Pétur Eyfeld.


Dear Diner

Dear diner.

This website will hopefully help you choose the right place to dine in a short a time.
The Food in Iceland is magical, fresh and special. One of the reasons why you are checking out this website is because of a little curiousity right?

My goal is to guide you to the restaurant you are looking for in Iceland.
This will not be a big guide (to begin with) every restaurant will be selected by me. And i will have been there my self or heard something good about it.

I don´t believe in negativity so if you are looking for a restaurant just to complain, then i am afraid this guide is not the right one for you my friend.
I believe in good food, good wine and good atmosphere and if you agree with me on that one you will find what you are looking for.

This is not a full time job for me. But restaurants are my passion and good restaurants are my home.

I hope you will have a good time in Iceland. And hopefully you will find and discover all the things you came here to do.

When dining out in Iceland it's most important to relax and enjoy, keep that in mind.

Best regards:

Peter Eyfeld.