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Located in the heart of the center of Reykjavik you will find one of the most romantic restaurants in Iceland.

Enrico Caruso (born Errico Caruso; February 25, 1873 – August 2, 1921) was an Italian tenor.
Caruso is the name of the restaurant i am talking about and now if you havent notice by now its named after the Italian tenor above.

The first thing that welcomes you in Caruso is a comfortable atmosphere. Eather the supervisor Marian or Elva will greet you and walk you to your table. The dining experience at Caruso is all about relaxing and enjoying.

The interior is old, but beutyful and cosy. Candels all over the dining area witch gives the place the romantic touch.
The restaurant is on three floors actually. On the second floor you have a bar and a relaxing seat-area, where you can relax before or after dinner.

The cuisine is classic Italian. The menu is all the way from pizza, pasta to meat and fish.
This is a middle class fine dining restaurant. So if you are looking for a place to take your lover, then you should visit Caruso.

My recomendations are:

Veal and lobster
Beef Carpaccio

Caruso is locatet at:

Þingholtsstræti 1
101 Reykjavik

Telephone: 354+5627335



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