Friday, February 20, 2009

Geysir Bistro & Bar

In the center of the downtown Reykjavik near Ingolfstorg, witch is at the bottom of the
popular shopping street Laugarvegur, you will find Geysir bistro & bar.

Located on the corner of Vesturgata and Aðalstræti,
in the same house as the tourist information.

The menu is actually very simple, classic and low priced.
It is a tipical Bistro menu, but with a lot of dishes you have never hearth of before.

Such as:
The Whale-burger with lobster mayonnaise,
The “old Geysir” haddock gratin

What i enjoyed the most was the atmosphare.
Red chairs, black granite tables, candals,
and an old interior blended with new modern.

Geysir is a friendly restaurant for the whole family.
I had a really relaxing and great time there.

Geysir Bistro & Bar

Adress: Aðalstræti 2, 101 Rekjavík

Phone: +354 517 4300

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Located in the heart of the center of Reykjavik you will find one of the most romantic restaurants in Iceland.

Enrico Caruso (born Errico Caruso; February 25, 1873 – August 2, 1921) was an Italian tenor.
Caruso is the name of the restaurant i am talking about and now if you havent notice by now its named after the Italian tenor above.

The first thing that welcomes you in Caruso is a comfortable atmosphere. Eather the supervisor Marian or Elva will greet you and walk you to your table. The dining experience at Caruso is all about relaxing and enjoying.

The interior is old, but beutyful and cosy. Candels all over the dining area witch gives the place the romantic touch.
The restaurant is on three floors actually. On the second floor you have a bar and a relaxing seat-area, where you can relax before or after dinner.

The cuisine is classic Italian. The menu is all the way from pizza, pasta to meat and fish.
This is a middle class fine dining restaurant. So if you are looking for a place to take your lover, then you should visit Caruso.

My recomendations are:

Veal and lobster
Beef Carpaccio

Caruso is locatet at:

Þingholtsstræti 1
101 Reykjavik

Telephone: 354+5627335




Á góðri stund, in a good moment.

If you are in the shopping mall Kringlan, or if you just want a good bite for a good price in a layed down and a relaxing atmosphere, then you should go to Kringlukráin.

Kringlukráin keeps an old fashion wood interior blended with a new modern style.
The place was opened 1 of mars 1989, and has been in the hands of the same owner ever since then. Notice that this has not been so common in Iceland since the restaurants first opended here 1789.

The place started out to be a bar with quick grill food, but it has later grown tvice its sice,
and its now a big middle-class restaurant with a seat ability for around 150 people.

The menu has a big selection of all kinds of food.
All the way from light courses, sandwiches, burgers, salats,
meat and fish to a big selection of classic Italian pizzas.

A good tip to you from the menu:

The Goulash soup of the house,
The Fish soup
Panfried plaice
Grilled gourmet burger
Venezia pizza

Kringlukráin is located at:

Kringlunni 4-12
103 Reykjavík

Telephone 568 0878



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sægreifinn/ The Seabaron


If you like fish and seafood and you like to try new things.
Then yes this is the right place for you.
In an old fishers-house on the harbour you will find Sægreifinn.

Sægreifinn may not be a "Fine dining" restaurant, but it is truly a must to check it out since
you´re already here in Iceland. You will find the word "Special" in your mind when you enter this restaurant. You cannot imagine how the interrior is inside the house.
I believe Sægreifinn is a famlily restaurant.
There are many strange and good things for young eyes to see.

What attracts people to Sægreifinn?

Probably the Lobster soup.
"Worlds greatest lobster soup" as it says in the New York times
But there are many other great dishes on the menu.
Have you ever imagined what it´s like to eat a whale, well this is the right place for that.
"Moby dick on a stick"And ofcourse many other fresh ingrediences from the sea and the nature.

The Chef Kjartan is an old sea-cook that will never retire, after many years of cooking on the sea,
Kjartan is now cooking on land. Kjartan is truly the Seabaron.

Located at:

Verbúð 8 v Geirsgötu 101 Reykjavík

Phone: +354-553-1500 - Gsm: 354-867-3660 -