Thursday, February 12, 2009


Á góðri stund, in a good moment.

If you are in the shopping mall Kringlan, or if you just want a good bite for a good price in a layed down and a relaxing atmosphere, then you should go to Kringlukráin.

Kringlukráin keeps an old fashion wood interior blended with a new modern style.
The place was opened 1 of mars 1989, and has been in the hands of the same owner ever since then. Notice that this has not been so common in Iceland since the restaurants first opended here 1789.

The place started out to be a bar with quick grill food, but it has later grown tvice its sice,
and its now a big middle-class restaurant with a seat ability for around 150 people.

The menu has a big selection of all kinds of food.
All the way from light courses, sandwiches, burgers, salats,
meat and fish to a big selection of classic Italian pizzas.

A good tip to you from the menu:

The Goulash soup of the house,
The Fish soup
Panfried plaice
Grilled gourmet burger
Venezia pizza

Kringlukráin is located at:

Kringlunni 4-12
103 Reykjavík

Telephone 568 0878



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